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SparkLayer and Pack Digital team up to supercharge the B2B ecommerce experience

Chris Mattingly, Co-Founder

May 18, 2023
SparkLayer and Pack Digital team up to supercharge the B2B ecommerce experience

Speed and performance have always been at the heart of how we’ve built SparkLayer: from how we manage the complexities of B2B pricing in a scalable way, through to ensuring that the end B2B customer gets the smoothest possible experience when placing orders online.

Today, we're thrilled to announce our latest partnership that takes this a step further, as we launch our official integration with Pack.

About our partnership

Pack is an innovative digital experience platform that empowers brands to quickly deploy a lightning-fast DTC frontend experience, while still enjoying the benefits of their primary ecommerce platform, such as Shopify. Brands can optimise their online stores with a 2-3x improvement in speed, resulting in faster page load times and ultimately an increase in conversions.


With this latest partnership, by combining Pack with Sparklayer’s B2B platform, brands can now enable a truly trail-blazing combined DTC & B2B experience for their customers and streamline their operations in the process.

How it works

Curious how it works and just how fast the DTC & B2B storefront experience is? Our video below gives a flavour of the supercharged customer experience, with almost zero load-time between browsing pages:

Explore more

We believe that this partnership will provide new opportunities for brands seeking to take control of their storefront and enhance the speed and performance of their DTC & B2B customer experience even further. To learn more about the SparkLayer and Pack partnership, visit our partner page here or contact us to arrange a demo.

Chris Mattingly

Chris Mattingly

Co-Founder & CEO, SparkLayer

Chris is an experience eCommerce specialist, co-founding UK eCommerce agency blubolt in 2006. For over a decade, Chris helped build and oversee their proprietary platform and worked with some of the UK's fastest growing retailers. At SparkLayer, Chris oversees the product strategy and - when he's not playing peekaboo with his daughter - enjoys staying active with golf, tennis, climbing, and hiking to name a few!
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