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Are you ready to revolutionize the way your wholesale customers order from you, from just $49 per month?

  • Use your existing website for your B2B customers
  • Let your customers place and manage orders online
  • Empower your sales team with sales agent ordering
  • Automate previously manual tasks, and much more!

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SparkLayer Ignite


Embed. Anywhere.

SparkLayer Ignite is the B2B Commerce Framework that allows you to integrate any eCommerce platform with the power of SparkLayer. Bring a world-class B2B ordering experience to your customers, anywhere, on any platform.

Build the modern B2B commerce stack with SparkLayer Ignite.

Does your eCommerce platform have limitations or pain points on delivering the B2B experience customers now expect? Think of SparkLayer Ignite as a toolset to bridge this gap, allowing you to take an incremental approach to deploying B2B. Rather than having to plan, design, and build out a B2B solution on your existing eCommerce platform, SparkLayer Ignite gives you the framework to build and deliver this rapidly. It can quite literally act as your "B2B layer". Simply connect and send specific types of data (e.g. B2B pricing), enable our ready-made SparkLayer frontend interfaces, and you'll then benefit from our cutting-edge B2B technology.

  • Works on any platform.

    Providing your platform covers the basics, such as storing product and customer data, you're good to go.

  • Fast time to value.

    With a limited range of endpoints required to integrate with, you can implement and deploy rapidly.

  • As flexible as you need.

    On top of SparkLayer Ignite's Open API, you can also extensively customise with our JavaScript SDK.

Connect your data points.

SparkLayer Ignite requires very few data points to work. Beyond syncing core data such as product information and customer records, it's up to you how you tailor your integration. It can be as simple or as extensive as you like, we'll also support you with our playbook on how to best integrate.

Connect to your B2B systems
  • Built for rapid data sync.

    SparkLayer Ignite heavily leans on your existing platform for core data such as products and customers. This means you only need to sync specific data such as IDs, variant information for products, basic information for customers, statuses, and not a lot more!

  • Extend further with our Open API.

    On top of SparkLayer Ignite, you can connect to our standard API to automate specific B2B data such as pricing, product settings, customer attributes, and a range of configurations. Our technical team can help guide you through the process.

Our commitment to security.

We understand the importance of security. When you're working with SparkLayer Ignite, rest assured keeping data safe and secure is a paramount to us. We work hard to protect our customers and design our solution to use security-first principles.

  • Built on secure cloud infrastructure.

    SparkLayer is built on modern cloud technologies. Utilising Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services, we provide industry-leading scalability and performance.

  • Built to meet data standards.

    We comply with industry regulations and standards to keep data safe. All SparkLayer customers have their own dedicated data storage, providing an additional layer of security.

  • Additional layers of protection.

    All data is duplicated in multiple instances and backed up as an additional layer of protection. Within our infrastructure, data is fully encrypted by default, at rest and in transit.

Questions & answers.

What use cases are there for SparkLayer Ignite?

The most common use case is to use SparkLayer Ignite alongside a complimentary eCommerce platform or content management system (CMS). For example, an eCommerce platform may have very limited B2B ecommerce functionality and it's not viable to build it natively. By connecting the eCommerce platform to SparkLayer Ignite (e.g. via a custom application), B2B functionality can be rapidly enabled.

How do I get access to SparkLayer Ignite?

SparkLayer Ignite is invite-only currently. Please click "Join the waitlist" and we'll notify you once it's available.

Are there charges for using SparkLayer Ignite?

At this point, there are no charges for using our SparkLayer Ignite technology. We want to form close partnerships with platforms that use it as both parties benefit. Once you've completed an integration, merchants who use SparkLayer will be charged our standard fees.

Does SparkLayer Ignite have an API?

Yes, we've an extensive and well-documented API that we share with approved partners and platforms to use.

Do you offer support for users of SparkLayer Ignite?

Yes, you will have access to our engineering team to help guide you through the process.

Can any partner or platform be approved to use SparkLayer Ignite?

The short answer is "no". As part of the approval process, we will evaluate applications to ensure SparkLayer is a good match for the relevant use case, both technically and strategically.

Do your existing platform integrations use SparkLayer Ignite?

Yes. eCommerce platforms that have been integrated with SparkLayer use this technology under the hood.

What is the process for actually connecting with SparkLayer Ignite?

Once the application has been approved, the process generally runs as follows:

- We'll undergo a technical scoping exercise with your development team ensuring all key areas of the integration are understood.
- Your team can then proceed to integrate with SparkLayer Ignite and to build a "proof of concept".
- This will then be presented back to our team for futher review and feedback.
- Once the integration has been signed off, your platform will then be available for SparkLayer users to connect to via the SparkLayer Dashboard (in much the same way as users connect to their Shopify store).

Join the future of B2B.

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