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SparkLayer brings unmatched B2B wholesale functionality to your Shopify store and helps you scale faster. We'd love to show you how! During our demo, we'll go through:

  • Your current B2B challenges and pain-points
  • How SparkLayer can help solve them
  • How SparkLayer integrates with Shopify
  • How you can manage your B2B data, e.g. pricing
  • How you can connect your systems, e.g. an ERP
  • How our Sales Agent tool can empower your team
  • How onboarding works and next steps
DB Journey

We needed a solution that could support our ambitious B2B growth plans and SparkLayer has done exactly that. There have been huge time-savings across the business as we’re now able to automate activities we were previously doing manually.

Thomas Nergaard

Head of IT, Db

Trusted by 1,000+ Shopify merchants including

Let's begin your B2B transformation.

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Kaleigh Lewis

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Pricing that scales with you.

All plans include a 14-day free trial. Don't see a plan that suits you? Speak to our team


For B2B merchants starting out.


per month

Get up and running rapidly:

  • Up to 50 B2B orders per month

    Ideal for low transaction volumes
  • Manually import price lists

    Using our powerful price import tool
  • All frontend features enabled

    Price lists, quick ordering, my account area, and more
  • Basic onboarding & launch support

    Email assistance during the implementation process


For growing B2B merchants.


per month

All the features of Starter, plus:

  • Up to 100 B2B orders per month

    Ideal for growing transaction volumes
  • Up to 2 sales agents

    Create orders and manage accounts on behalf of customers
  • Onboarding & launch support

    Live video assistance during the implementation process


For established B2B merchants.


per month

All the features of Growth, plus:

  • Up to 150 B2B orders per month

    Ideal for higher transaction volumes
  • API access to automate your data

    Connect your systems with the SparkLayer API
  • Up to 5 sales agents

    Create orders and manage accounts on behalf of customers
  • Access to company users

    Create B2B company teams to share activities such as ordering and shopping lists.
  • All integrations available

    Enable any of our ready-made partner integrations
  • Test & Live mode

    Configure on staging and production environments with test mode


For high-volume B2B merchants with more customised needs. You'll get all the features of the Pro plan, plus:

  • Unlimited B2B orders per month

    No restrictions on the number of B2B orders
  • Unlimited sales agent accounts

    Create orders and manage accounts on behalf of customers
  • Dedicated expert consultation

    Receive expert tried-and-tested B2B implementation advice
  • Dedicated technical support

    Get access to priority 24/7 support for peace of mind
  • Systems integrations

    Support for custom integrations into your B2B systems

Explore our enterprise plan.

Our enterprise plan comes with an expert service that includes:

Technical solution scoping
Full onboarding assistance
24/7 support & SLA
Ongoing customer success

Deliver a world-class B2B experience for your customers.
Pricing starts at $499 per month.

Join 1,000+ brands using SparkLayer to automate and grow their B2B operation

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Questions & Answers.

What's the difference between the plans?

Our pricing works on a fixed monthly fee with three plans: Starter, Growth, Pro and Enterprise.

Starter Plan
Our Starter plan is geared to merchants who have a relatively simple B2B operation and don't require a direct connection with their backend systems. With the Starter plan, you'll get access to our powerful price import tool that lets you manually upload your price lists (you can learn more here). You'll be able to use all the frontend features of SparkLayer without having to connect your backend systems, meaning you can be up and running quickly.

Growth Plan
Our Growth plan is geared to merchants with growing order volumes. You'll also benefit from Sales Agent ordering functionality and can you add up to 2 agents.

Pro Plan
Our Pro plan is designed for merchants that are looking for a more seamless connection with their backend systems (e.g. ERP, CRM). With the Pro plan, you'll get access to the SparkLayer API allowing you to automate all your data flows such as pricing and customer rules. This plan is ideal if you're looking to complete the SparkLayer integration yourself (e.g. using one of our pre-built integrations or you have an existing development team). You'll also benefit from Sales Agent ordering functionality and can you add up to 5 agents.

Enterprise Plan
For higher-volume merchants looking for a more customised approach, our Enterprise plan is more suitable with a dedicated onboarding process that guides merchants through the entire implementation process. During this process our team will work closely to tailor SparkLayer exactly as required, scoping out the merchant's exact requirements, helping implement code changes on the storefront and customise as necessary, assisting in data migration, as well as configure backend systems to ensure B2B data is sent in the correct way.

As well as that, the Enterprise plan also enables additional functionality including:

Unlimited orders: there's no limit to how many orders can be placed through SparkLayer
Customer tiers and priveleges: Customer tiers let you specify different priveleges on what actions your B2B customers can perform, e.g. some can create orders, some can authorise and complete orders.
Unlimited sales agents: With sales agents, orders can be placed on behalf of customers and with the Enterprise plan, there's no limit on how many sales agents you create. Learn more.
Dedicated technical contact sales agents: Merchants get access to a dedicated contact to answer ongoing technical queries (e.g. relating to the implementation or integration) and rapid response times.

How does pricing work for the Enterprise plan?

As with the Starter, Growth, and Pro plans, we charge a fixed monthly fee that's based on a number of considerations:

- Projected sales volumes
- Complexity of backend systems (e.g. ERP or WMS system)
- Complexity of storefront implementation
- Extent of ongoing support required

The Enterprise plan also comes with a full end-to-end onboarding process overseen by our expert team. This process includes scoping your requirements, installation and configuration on your storefront, assisting in data migration, connecting your backend systems, and launching SparkLayer.

What counts as a B2B order?

We only count orders that are placed via SparkLayer towards your monthly total, i.e. B2B orders. If you're using SparkLayer on a Shopify store that also accepts retail orders (i.e. B2C), those orders will not count towards the monthly total.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer a 14-day trial period to test the features of SparkLayer. The free trial starts when you've installed SparkLayer on your eCommerce platform (e.g. Shopify). If you need your trial extended, please contact us.

How do I sign up and install SparkLayer?

To get started, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial here. Alternatively, you can book a demo and we can run through how SparkLayer works.

Once you've installed this on your Shopify store, our Onboarding Process then guides you through all the steps to get SparkLayer up and running: from setting up B2B price lists and customer groups, to installing special code snippets within your Shopify storefront theme. You can even use our ready-made Shopify B2B theme and get up and running in less than 5 minutes!

If you have more bespoke requirements and the Enterprise plan sounds more suitable, our team will walk you through the onboarding process.

Are there contracts or commitments?

For the Starter, Growth, and Pro plans there are no contracts and you can cancel your account at any time from within the SparkLayer Dashboard. For the Enterprise plan, we typically establish a longer agreement term based on your requirements and this can discussed in more detail with our team.

What support do you have and where are you based?

Our head office is located in the beautiful English city of Bath and our team is all based in close proximity. You can learn more about our story here! Since we're UK based, we typically operate our support on UK timezones (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm GMT) however we are able to accommodate specific requests should you require assistance outside of these hours. Please speak to our team and we'll be happy to advise.

For customers subscribed to our Enterprise plan, you'll get access to our 24/7 Support SLA and you can learn more here.

What happens if I go over the order limits?

For the Starter, Growth, and Pro plans, there are limits on the maximum number of orders that can be placed via SparkLayer. SparkLayer treats each individual order on your eCommerce platform (e.g. Shopify) as an order, and even if you subsequently cancel or refund it, it will still contribute towards the total.

If you do exceed the monthly limit, SparkLayer will still continue to function as normal however our team will contact you to discuss whether or not you'd be better suited to an alternative monthly plan.

Are there transaction fees for manual B2B payment methods?

No. Manual payment methods (such as "Payment on Invoice" or "Request a Quote") are processed as manual payment methods within Shopify and are not subject to their standard transaction fees. If your B2B customers do choose to pay online (i.e. via card payment), those will be subject to your existing Shopify transaction fees.

Do I get charged in US Dollars?

Due to SparkLayer tightly integrating with platforms that charge in US Dollars, such Shopify and Shopify Plus, you'll be billed in the same currency to make reconcilation more straightforward.

How do you charge me each month?

The SparkLayer charges can be found within the billing section of the SparkLayer Dashboard and you'll get a full breakdown of how your charges are calculated. For Shopify stores, you'll automatically be billed via Shopify each month via their own billing system.

Do you have pricing plans for high-volume, low-value ordering?

Yes. We're happy to discuss special pricing if your B2B operation processes a high-volume of low-value orders. Please contact us for more information.

How long does SparkLayer take to set up?

If you're using our built-in tools to manage your pricing and customers, it's possible to set up SparkLayer in a matter of hours (or less!). Our team is on-hand to guide you through the set up process and can even help set up on your Shopify store for you.

For most extensive integrations - typically merchants using our Enterprise plan that require backend connections - set up times vary and we'll work closely with you to create a full project plan.

Can I use SparkLayer with my development store?

Yes! If you're setting up SparkLayer on a development store (e.g. a test account), we can enable a special developer-mode that lets you use SparkLayer until you're ready to activate a billing plan. Please contact us for more details.

Do you have a demo store to test SparkLayer?

Yes! We've a variety of demo stores where you can test the feature-set of SparkLayer. Learn more

Customer success stories.