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Are you ready to revolutionize the way your wholesale customers order from you, from just $49 per month?

  • Use your existing website for your B2B customers
  • Let your customers place and manage orders online
  • Empower your sales team with sales agent ordering
  • Automate previously manual tasks, and much more!

Trusted by 1,500+ brands from startups to enterprise.


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Hokodo SparkLayer

Bring Buy Now, Pay Later to your B2B customers.

Hokodo is the modern way to offer trade credit to your customers. With it's simple to use checkout experience, you can boost conversion rates by offering credit terms instantly!


Hokodo & SparkLayer Integration

Hokodo is a B2B payments platform that lets you offer Buy Now, Pay Later trade payment terms to your customers. Once integrated, customers can opt to pay in instalments as well as choose their preferred payment methods such as Pay on Invoice or Direct Debit.

The Hokodo integration for SparkLayer enables an additional payment method in the SparkLayer Quick Order Interface that lets customers choose from a range of special B2B payment terms. The integration works by first asking the customer to search for their Company, validating their Company details, and then determining if payment terms can be offered. If successful, the customer can choose from a variety of instalment options and then complete the checkout process as normal.


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Locations served

France, UK, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Italy

Supported Platforms

Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Custom

Supported Plans

All plans


Developed by SparkLayer

Key Benefits

Sell more by offering instant payment terms.

With Hokodo integrated, you can win more business by providing your trade customers with the ability to Buy Now Pay Later at checkout.

  • Increase conversions by 40%
  • Increase basket size and purchase frequency
  • Provide a frictionless checkout experience
  • Protection against non payment
  • Make it easy for your B2B customers to buy online
Hokodo integration
Hokodo integration
How it works

Get your integration up and running in minutes!

Once you've been approved by Hokodo, you can follow our simple integration to enable Hokodo Payments on SparkLayer.

  • No coding required
  • Activate with just your Hokodo API Key
  • Toggle between testing and production environments
  • Customise text and look and feel
  • Customise the checkout experience on Shopify Plus