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Self-sufficient, scalable, and streamlined - Divine Essence’s B2B eCommerce evolution

Lucy Vinestock, Marketing Manager

March 22, 2024
Customer Success
Self-sufficient, scalable, and streamlined - Divine Essence’s B2B eCommerce evolution


Beauty & Cosmetics


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B2B setup

Hybrid B2C & B2B


Divine Essence is committed to providing high-quality, 100% natural essential oils across Canada. They source their products from all over the globe, using their Shopify store to meet the growing interest from health food stores and natural product retailers. With ambitions to further expand their markets, Divine Essence connected with SparkLayer to supercharge their B2B sales.

SparkLayer + Ennis Fabrics

The challenge

Divine Essence were on a mission to become more self-sufficient as a business and lessen their reliance on others as they grew their B2B channel. They needed a scalable solution to meet the rapidly increasing demand for their all-natural products and wanted a B2B website they could maintain themselves but would also bring an online experience that kept customers coming back.

They were struggling to make website changes, from pricing to products, internally and wanted to manage quick updates in-house as part of their journey to becoming more self-sufficient. They moved to Shopify in early 2024, using an Ontario-based local integrator to set their site up for success.

They needed an affordable, sustainable way of managing their growing wholesale customer base. Divine Essence sought out a B2B solution that could drive this side of their business, which is a strategic revenue channel for the team. They wanted a platform that could combine high-level B2B functionality whilst integrating with their Sage set-up in the back office and bringing out the best of Shopify.

The solution

Divine Essence added SparkLayer to their existing Shopify store. This meant that they could leverage their successful B2C online experience and instantly benefit from our enhanced price list features and Sales Agent functionality. Inventory and product information are still managed through Shopify, but, rather than continuing to update or refresh their website for pricing manually, this is now automated within SparkLayer. Using automatic pricing has allowed them to easily manage different pricing levels for various customer groups, meaning that less time is spent updating pricing for specific customers when they order.

Enabling our Sales Agent feature was one of their day-one tasks, as they were keen to speed up the ordering process while empowering their external Sales Reps to provide an enhanced customer experience. The internal teams can quickly order on behalf of their customers, log in and edit any in-line pricing, and track order statuses for their customers - 24/7. Added to this improved experience is the ability for end customers to create shopping lists of their regularly purchased items for rapid repeat ordering.

SparkLayer + Ennis Fabrics

We also implemented permission settings within their Sales Agent setup, which has had a positive impact on Divine Essence’s operational efficiency, with various levels of access applied based on user role types. Different team members have the ability to perform varying tasks on behalf of their customers, from adding items to baskets to placing orders and updating product prices.

The results

One of the biggest benefits Divine Essence have seen is the freedom and autonomy they’re now enjoying. Automatically syncing their inventory and respective price lists has not only saved Divine Essence time, it’s removed unnecessary stress on a daily basis.

They’ve hugely benefited from the ease of use of SparkLayer - as have their end customers. On the front-end, customers can easily add items to their cart at their respective prices and use Shopping Lists to repeat orders easily. Internally, being able to create different groups for professionals and distributors means that each customer sees a product and price list specific to their needs. This pulls through discounted prices or promotions relevant to their relationship with Divine Essence.

Each staff member at Divine Essence is limited to their own customers through the use of Sales Agent Groups, meaning peace of mind for higher-level staff overseeing the day-to-day operations. Their Sales Reps can also place orders faster and more easily on behalf of their customers, leading to improved customer experience and satisfaction levels. Divine Essence also works with external Sales Reps who need the ability to log in and access their customers’ accounts. They now have their own login to the website, where they can order on behalf of customers. This means that they no longer have to manually go through Divine Essence to place an order, empowering them to make more sales while providing a consistent, enhanced customer experience.

“Everything checked the boxes that we needed! We’ve been using the Sales Agent feature since day one. It’s so much easier for our Sales Reps to place orders for their customers, and the shopping lists are great. Everyone’s feedback so far, whether it be customer service here or our Sales Reps, was praising the ease of use. The support that we got from SparkLayer was fantastic - we’re very pleased… We were just lucky that we came upon the SparkLayer app - it’s just perfect for us." ~ Linda Foley, Director of Operations

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Lucy Vinestock

Lucy Vinestock

Marketing Manager, SparkLayer

Lucy’s background in Marketing covers the entire eCommerce spectrum, and she joined SparkLayer in December 2023 to supercharge our efforts. From content and partner marketing to data analysis and SEO, Lucy is overseeing our full Marketing strategy. When she’s not colour-coding spreadsheets, she’s probably up a mountain, at a yoga class, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.
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