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B2B eCommerce - 9 techniques and tactics to grow your B2B customer-base

Chris Mattingly, Co-Founder

September 5, 2023
Best Practice Guide
B2B eCommerce - 9 techniques and tactics to grow your B2B customer-base


As the world of B2B eCommerce evolves, businesses face the challenge of broadening their customer base to achieve sustainable growth. Whether you're a retailer or a brand seeking to upscale your B2B sales, integrating a mix of proven techniques can significantly impact your rates of success. Below, we'll delve into some of the tried-and-tested tactics that can serve as the cornerstone of your B2B marketing strategy.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are a goldmine for B2B networking. They don't just put your brand in the spotlight; they're also a fantastic stage to flaunt your products. Best of all? You get to chat directly with potential customers, building trust and getting real-time feedback. It's all about genuine, face-to-face connections.


Cold-calling might sound archaic in this digital age, but its efficacy can't be ignored. The approach can be both over the phone and in-person. For instance, sending product samples to prospective buyers and following up with a phone call after a few days can be impactful. This not only demonstrates the quality of your product but also signifies your proactive approach and commitment to building a partnership.

LinkedIn Advertising

With LinkedIn being the go-to platform for professionals, targeting ads towards the right people can help you win corporate contracts. By creating compelling content that highlights the benefits of your products for corporate needs and targeting it at decision-makers, you're directly reaching out to those who have the power to ink deals!

Partnering Events

Collaborating with prominent distributors to host events can really help increase your brand's reach. These events, which often attract a niche audience, can be an excellent opportunity for product launches, demonstrations, or interactive sessions that highlight the value proposition of your products.

Tender Submissions

Responding to tenders is a more formalised way of seeking business. By regularly scanning for relevant tenders and crafting well-researched, compelling proposals, you're placing your brand on the radar of big-ticket clients who value systematic processes.

Hiring a New Business Manager

Bringing on board a New Business Manager can be a real game-changer. Picture someone with their eyes set firmly on landing those big contracts and mingling with the industry's decision makers. They're there to chase the big opportunities and craft strong bonds in the business world!

Targeting Specific Competitors

Understanding your competitors' strengths and weaknesses is crucial. By targeting specific competitors, you can tailor your strategies to appeal to their customer base. This might involve offering better pricing, superior quality, or enhanced customer service.

Networking Events

It's often the case that larger customers emerge from trade shows or industry-specific networking events. Being a regular participant or even a sponsor at such events can put you right in the thick of things, ensuring you don't miss out on these golden opportunities.

Word of Mouth

Over the years, word of mouth has proven its worth. Encourage your satisfied B2B clients to spread the word. Referral programmes or incentives for word-of-mouth marketing can be implemented. A recommendation from a trusted source carries immense weight and can lead to acquiring new business.


Growing your B2B customer-base isn't just about adopting a single strategy but integrating multiple tactics for a holistic approach. Each tactic has its own strengths, and when used in tandem, they can work wonders. By staying proactive, understanding the needs of your potential clients, and consistently delivering value, you'll not only grow your customer base but also cement your brand's reputation in the B2B ecosystem.

Chris Mattingly

Chris Mattingly

Co-Founder & CEO, SparkLayer

Chris is an experience eCommerce specialist, co-founding UK eCommerce agency blubolt in 2006. For over a decade, Chris helped build and oversee their proprietary platform and worked with some of the UK's fastest growing retailers. At SparkLayer, Chris oversees the product strategy and - when he's not playing peekaboo with his daughter - enjoys staying active with golf, tennis, climbing, and hiking to name a few!
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