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Exploring the future of B2B eCommerce - trends to watch in the next 2-3 years

Lucy Vinestock, Marketing Manager

May 20, 2024
Best Practice Guide
Exploring the future of B2B eCommerce - trends to watch in the next 2-3 years

We caught up with SparkLayer’s Co-Founder and CEO, Chris Mattingly, to discuss his predictions for B2B eCommerce. It’s a topic that comes up regularly with our customers, agencies, and the wider commerce community - what do we see changing across the B2B eCommerce landscape in the next 2-3 years?

What do you see changing across B2B eCommerce?

Chris: “There’s likely to be a major shift in how partners and agencies approach B2B eCommerce. I predict that the collective expertise in B2B eCommerce will soon match that of direct-to-consumer (D2C) commerce. Developers, UX designers, and CRO specialists will collaborate more closely to deliver even more sophisticated and seamless B2B experiences.”

How will brands have to evolve to stay relevant?

Chris: “Brands will find it increasingly easy to integrate B2B-specific functionalities without compromising their current technology stacks. I anticipate that major platforms will expand their feature sets to better accommodate B2B needs. I think we'll also see the rise of new platforms offering tailored solutions for distinct B2B scenarios.

Moving transactions online will become more standardised across the industry. More brands will develop their online B2B presence, making digital platforms a fundamental part of their business strategy. A lack of a robust B2B eCommerce website will soon be viewed as a missed strategic opportunity!”

Do you think technology agencies will start specialising more as a result?

Chris: “Technology vendors are likely to improve their offerings for the new generation of B2B consumers. This will include enhanced marketing, analytics, and loyalty programmes designed to address specific challenges in B2B eCommerce, like complex pricing rules and customer-specific configurations.”

Chris: “I expect a resurgence of B2B-focused events and industry shows. While tradeshows have traditionally catered to B2B, I foresee a renewed focus in this area, countering the current lack of B2B eCommerce presence at many major events. While it’s impossible to predict the future fully, I’ve tried to give it a go and each of these trends is grounded in the current shifts and emerging patterns within the B2B eCommerce industry.”

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Lucy Vinestock

Lucy Vinestock

Marketing Manager, SparkLayer

Lucy’s background in Marketing covers the entire eCommerce spectrum, and she joined SparkLayer in December 2023 to supercharge our efforts. From content and partner marketing to data analysis and SEO, Lucy is overseeing our full Marketing strategy. When she’s not colour-coding spreadsheets, she’s probably up a mountain, at a yoga class, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.
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