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How to use tradeshows to skyrocket your B2B success

Lucy Vinestock, Marketing Manager

May 6, 2024
Best Practice Guide
How to use tradeshows to skyrocket your B2B success

Whether you’re new to selling B2B, have moved to a hybrid model, or are a seasoned wholesale pro, tradeshows can support (and elevate) your business’ success.

From ICP identification to market research, tradeshows allow you to connect with the right people and build your community. This helps you continuously evolve your target customers based on real-time, real-life feedback. You can practise your pitch, perfect your messaging, and discover what really resonates with your audience.

Even better, the benefits of attending tradeshows are cumulative, meaning great ROI! The ability to create a buzz in the run-up to the event across your social channels, the in-person interactions, the follow-up emails, the wrap-up blogs... It’s endless. Plus, with the right platform in place, you can capture leads in real-time.

“Tradeshows, for Asmodee, are a fantastic opportunity to meet with our retailers, suppliers, partners, and other faces, both familiar and new. We can share our excitement for our core range of board and card games, promote new products and service offerings, understand their needs, discuss opportunities for improvements, and, over a handful of intensive days, we can strengthen a number of relationships across the industry" ~ Sophie Redgell, Digital and eCommerce Marketing Manager at Asmodee

With WiFi connections improving all the time, it’s now easier than ever to process orders for customers at tradeshows. With tools like SparkLayer's Sales Administrator functionality, you can add new customers on the fly and get ordering for them straight away. Customers get an accurate insight into how your site works, how to self-navigate a B2B order, and how they could work alongside your Sales team.

Need help choosing what shows to attend? LinkedIn is a great place to discover events that generate the most noise. Check which shows your competitors are attending and gauge the relevancy by who’s sponsoring them and who’s on the discussion panel.

Last bit of advice? Take merch. Everyone loves a free pen!

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Lucy Vinestock

Lucy Vinestock

Marketing Manager, SparkLayer

Lucy’s background in Marketing covers the entire eCommerce spectrum, and she joined SparkLayer in December 2023 to supercharge our efforts. From content and partner marketing to data analysis and SEO, Lucy is overseeing our full Marketing strategy. When she’s not colour-coding spreadsheets, she’s probably up a mountain, at a yoga class, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.
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