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Your Basket Is Empty guest post - eCommerce “Hot or Not”

Lucy Vinestock, Marketing Manager

April 30, 2024
Best Practice Guide
Your Basket Is Empty guest post - eCommerce “Hot or Not”

Guest Post by Your Basket is Empty

At SparkLayer, we’ve set out to simplify and demystify the complex world of B2B. With more brands venturing into wholesale eCommerce, the questions and curiosities have grown, too. To begin answering these questions, we’ve collaborated with some of the best B2B minds in the business to create a micropaper dedicated to B2B eCommerce.

Through conversations and content, we seek to provide insights into B2B success in 2024 and beyond - starting with a good old-fashioned “Hot or Not” column with Your Basket Is Empty’s Tim Richardson.

What trend is warming up the B2B space right now?

Tim: “I see the biggest trend as the B2B buyer experience. The reality of a B2B buyer is that they want to quickly and easily order lots of stuff - and probably pay for it on credit - so the UX/ UI doesn’t have to be too complex. However, modern platforms are changing that narrative. I suspect they realise that B2B buyers are also B2C buyers, and more of them are expecting and demanding a better UX experience.”

Equally, what’s holding back the B2B industry?

Tim: “The fact the term ‘B2B’ can be misleading. Is it wholesale? Is it retail? Is it a B2C brand exploring a B2B opportunity? I’d argue this misunderstanding is a perfect opportunity for an agency or platform to own the definition and, therefore, the content of what modern B2B means.”

Why are so many B2C platforms looking at adding B2B functionality?

Tim: “I think it’s three reasons. 1) They’ve exhausted their ability to serve their B2C SAM. 2) The early stage, mid-market, and, to some extent, the large market is completely dominated by Shopify. And, 3), the B2B space is still antiquated and, therefore, platforms can introduce the innovation, R&D, and B2C experience to this world.”

What advice would you give to brands just entering the eCommerce space?

Tim: “I’d advise brands to be intentional with their technology choices. The eCommerce technology space is more crowded than it’s ever been, leading to choice paralysis which is exacerbated by SDRs over-egging products and roadmaps. Do your due diligence, get independent advice, and ensure products cover at least 90% of your requirements.”

Why is the eCommerce community so important for business?

Tim: “I think there’s an opportunity for the B2B community to educate the market on what modern B2B is and why it’s important. So, exploring B2B2C and B2C2B to educate the market on the similarities, differences, and what they can learn from each other. Of course, that will be delivered through the typical channels of content and events, but I’d love to see this done in an innovative way. To be honest, this micropaper series is a great example of this.”

Where are the community hot spots for finding new B2B info?

Tim: “Ha. I would wholeheartedly agree that following me or my newsletter is the best way for any digital commerce professional to stay ahead of the B2B and broader commerce game. However, other B2B enthusiasts to follow are Jason Greenwood, Isaiah Bollinger, Denis Dyli, Paul Rogers and James Gurd.”

Finally - what trend do you want to see make an eCommerce comeback?

Tim: “My big 2024 trend is simplicity. I encourage brands, and the wider commerce ecosystem, to focus on the basics. Create the best product you can, be smart with your marketing spend, be laser-focused on your P&L, and strap in for another wild year.”

Enjoyed reading Tim’s contribution? Learn more about Your Basket Is Empty’s digital commerce solutions here or download the full micropaper to access 10 industry experts’ insights and guidance on B2B eCommerce in 2024 and beyond...

Lucy Vinestock

Lucy Vinestock

Marketing Manager, SparkLayer

Lucy’s background in Marketing covers the entire eCommerce spectrum, and she joined SparkLayer in December 2023 to supercharge our efforts. From content and partner marketing to data analysis and SEO, Lucy is overseeing our full Marketing strategy. When she’s not colour-coding spreadsheets, she’s probably up a mountain, at a yoga class, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.
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