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SparkLayer brings unmatched B2B wholesale functionality to your Shopify store and helps you scale faster. We'd love to show you how! During our demo, we'll go through:

  • Your current B2B challenges and pain-points
  • How SparkLayer can help solve them
  • How SparkLayer integrates with Shopify
  • How you can manage your B2B data, e.g. pricing
  • How you can connect your systems, e.g. an ERP
  • How our Sales Agent tool can empower your team
  • How onboarding works and next steps
DB Journey

We needed a solution that could support our ambitious B2B growth plans and SparkLayer has done exactly that. There have been huge time-savings across the business as we’re now able to automate activities we were previously doing manually.

Thomas Nergaard

Head of IT, Db

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Kaleigh Lewis

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Unlocking B2B for brands, globally.

SparkLayer empowers hundreds of fast-growing Shopify merchants to grow and automate their B2B operation.

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Food & Drink United Kingdom

"SparkLayer couldn’t have been easier to setup. It allowed us to get B2B ordering up and running in a matter of weeks with very little technical effort, and negligible cost. We were so impressed with SparkLayer that we immediately decided to launch B2B ordering in the US and are currently working on doing the same in Australia"

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Homeware United Kingdom
Robert Welch

"Being able to offer a Shopify website experience to our B2B customers is a real game changer for our business. The end users are provided with a much improved UX, our internal team can maintain the site with ease, and moving forward we look forward to benefiting from the ever evolving SparkLayer functionality!"

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Sports & Outdoors Norway

"We needed a solution that could support our ambitious B2B growth plans and the combination of SparkLayer and Brightpearl has done exactly that. There have been huge time-savings across the business as we’re now able to automate activities we were previously doing manually. "

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Fashion USA
Fresh Clean Tees

"The SparkLayer platform provides a turnkey Shopify solution, granting the merchant an array of wholesale/bulk order functionality not available through the standard Shopify B2B channel. SparkLayer provided 10-star support throughout the entire process. HIGHLY recommend"

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Food & Drink Ireland

"From five star hotels to independent coffee shops, Bewleys serve over 600 million cups of tea and coffee worldwide every year. SparkLayer has enabled us to rapidly grow their B2B channel and empower our sales teams."

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Sports & Outdoors USA

"With SparkLayer, we were able to implement and build our new B2B store, train our sales reps, and deploy our new solution within 6 months. Within just two months of deployment, we have tripled the number of B2B customers using it"

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Food & Drink New Zealand
Good George Brewing

"Sales Agent Ordering has been an incredible feature in showcasing this system to our customers, while also prompting an order during a sales call visit. Customers have enjoyed the ease of use, navigation, and experience of using our new online wholesale store!"

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Signage New Zealand
George & Willy

"As a creative business, we wanted to design a minimal yet functional store to capture our B2B audience. SparkLayer's powerful integration allowed us to build exactly this and allowed us to create a store we are proud to display to our B2B customers."

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Technology France
Cosmo Connected

"The Sparklayer team has been very reactive to help us quickly build our new B2B system. Sparklayer is easy to install and it now saves us a lot of time so we can focus on growing our business."

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Food & Drink Sweden
Espresso Gear

"We’ve been really happy with the introduction of our B2B store, enabled by SparkLayer. It’s made not only our order processing much more fluid and convenient for our customers, but makes us a more professional company to work with. "

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Sports & Outdoors United Kingdom
Greenover Sports

"We were searching for a Shopify B2B solution that was able to handle our complex business structure. SparkLayer easily transformed our website into a true wholesale experience for our customers. "

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Beauty & Cosmetics New Zealand
Two Dudes

"I genuinely can't believe how good this solution is, offering brands an easy way to service their B2B customers without having to build anything new."

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Fashion USA
Diesel Life

"The SparkLayer platform offers a powerful solution for our multifaceted B2B needs. Their team has addressed our unique needs and added features to our checkout process that make the end customer experience very user friendly. "

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Stationery United Kingdom

"Having looked at the various B2B options we chose to go with SparkLayer. It has all the functionality of what we need and the pricing is extremely competitive in comparison to other options."

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Household France

"SparkLayer has allowed us to create a powerful B2B store for our brand. I would recommend SparkLayer without hesitation to anyone who wants to create a high-volume B2B store."

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Medical Supplies USA
Ford Medical

"The SparkLayer team worked closely with us during onboarding to ensure their solution worked for us and our customer base. Their consultancy and support team have been extremely helpful!"

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Technical Equipment United Kingdom

"SparkLayer is a huge improvement from the built-in wholesale sales channel from Shopify, providing a much better sales experience for our customers. The team is extremely responsive and they've helped support us along the way."

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Technical Equipment Holland

"SparkLayer has been a great partner to work with. In addition to the features their solution provides, their support has been fast and they have a very customer-centric approach that is focused on helping their customers"

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Homeware Finland
Anno Collection

"SparkLayer is intuitive and user friendly application that can handle the B2B shop requirements very nicely! Support is super quick and helpful, all questions have been answered in a matter of minutes. We would definitely recommend to give this app a try! "

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Homeware Canada
Soja Co

"SparkLayer does everything it says and more. There are so many ways to personalize our store via code changes that it feels custom-made - but for a very affordable price. We operate as a multi-language store selling to both B2C and B2B customers, and this app is a game-changer! On top of it, their customer service is above and beyond. Truly a must-have in the B2B game. "

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Jewellery Austria

"With SparkLayer, we've been able to set up the B2B online store we needed! It's very simple to use and has a lot of powerful features. The SparkLayer team has been extremely helpful throughout the whole process, helping with the installation process. Overall, a fantastic B2B solution to have! "

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Beauty United Kingdom
Balms Etc

"What I can talk about is the customer service levels. Incredible. The team helped me with some tricky implementation. So grateful and has my site looking great. Can't wait to start using the app to see what it's made of. I'll be back with an update when I do! "

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Homeware Sweden
Memoair Candles

"SparkLayer offers really good support, it's quick and service-minded. I would highly recommend SparkLayer to any kind of business who are looking to make B2B easy, fast and good looking!"

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Fashion USA

"SparkLayer has a lot of potential that no other Shopify apps have as a wholesaler right now; it's far more feature-rich than other solutions and more user friendly for your customers."

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Homeware Australia
Social Living

"A great solution for B2B & Wholesale Shopify Stores. SparkLayer is a great interface that enables a lot of functionality that makes B2B selling a better experience. Overall, I would recommend this if you are considering optimising your B2B store experience "

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Homeware Sweden
Swedish Linens

"Finally we found an amazing solution for our B2B customers! It looks great and works smoothly after it's properly set-up. We have received wonderful feedback from our customers so far and the support is superb. Super happy and can highly recommend this app. "

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Food & Drink Italy
Villa Lori Gastronomia

"Thanks to SparkLayer we were able to add specific B2B features to our B2B store. We finally found a tool that allows sales representatives to place orders. We had installed other solutions before, but this is the only one that works smoothly, without any issues. Highly recommended! "

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Technical Equipment Sweden

"SparkLayer is a next-level B2B solution: it looks good and the support team works wonders and are very happy to help out. They have taken the time to listen and help with any questions we've had."

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Fashion United Kingdom
Britten Bridal

"We've sold B2C for many years and when adding a B2B channel looked long and hard at the options. In the end we've chosen to build a standalone Shopify site with SparkLayer added. It's VERY good. It has everything we need as a smaller company and everything we might need were we much bigger! "

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Food & Drink Germany
Weingut Winter

"The SparkLayer team helped during the setup process and also provided helpful advice and solutions while customizing the app for our needs. For non-IT-experts, the app is surprisingly easy to use and the support is really good! We recommend this app and are looking forward to our customers using this B2B solution!"

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Automotive Accessories USA
Stoner Car Care

"We are growing rapidly and this was the best solution and easiest for us to use to provide our customers tiered pricing options. The support is also outstanding, we are very particular with what we use, but would definitely recommend this app for others!"

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Sports & Outdoors USA
Fawcett Boat Supplies

"We've had a great experience with SparkLayer so far. Their customer service is super helpful in implementing it and ensuring it's working properly on our Shopify store. "

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Pet Care New Zealand
Little Green Dog

"If you're looking for a B2B solution, don't waste your time trying the other solutions. I went through that and SparkLayer is clearly the best. It includes all the features you should need."

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Automotive Equipment

"Having tried a few Shopify B2B apps, this one stands out as the best performer by a long way. It's on the same site as my retail business and integrates like it was built for my site. UX for the customer is excellent and administration is very easy and the support team are excellent. This is a very well thought out solution for B2B on Shopify.

John Colreavy

Director, Dart Flyscreens

Why customers ❤️ SparkLayer.

Enabling automation

Say goodbye to managing spreadsheets or processing orders manually. SparkLayer brings this all online.

Speed of setup

With minimal coding changes required, SparkLayer can be fully installed and working in a matter of hours.

Self-service experience

Customers enjoy the B2B experience SparkLayer brings, with a self-service account area and easy ordering.

Customer support

Our friendly support team is here to help you with onboarding assistance and ongoing technical support.

Industries we serve.

  • Automotive
  • Beauty & Fitness
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Fashion & Apparel
  • Food & Drink
  • Health & Medical
  • Home & Garden
  • Pets & Animals
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Toys & Hobbies
  • ...and more

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If you'd like to learn more about how you can integrate your Shopify store with SparkLayer, we'd love to show you more! Visit the Shopify App Store to try SparkLayer free for 14 days, or arrange a call with us below.